About Elspeth Anderson

I’ve spent much of my career working in marketing, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to communicate with their customers and employees.

How does this equip me to be a celebrant?

Before deciding to train as a celebrant, I took a good look at my skills as well as what I still want to achieve in my life.

As a marketing expert, I love getting to know people, as individuals as well as business owners. As a celebrant, I know that I can help individuals and families rather than just businesses. This gives me immense satisfaction.

Listening has been central to how I work. Knowing what questions to ask to get to the heart of what really matters – to a business or a family – then using my expertise to turn this into carefully crafted words and presentations. As a celebrant, this helps me to work with an individual or a family to craft a ceremony that communicates their joy, their sorrow or their hopes for the future.

Public speaking matters too. With many years experience of public speaking Рfrom small groups to large conference audiences РI understand how to make sure key messages are heard and understood. As a celebrant, the ability to hold a room, speak clearly and reflect the emotion of the event is vitally important to family, friends and a wider audience.

After much research I chose to train with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, of which I remain a member.

If you’d like to talk to us or have any questions, just call 07779 294910 or email hello@elspethanderson.co.uk.