Parlour Services

More people are choosing Home and Parlour Services to support Direct Cremations.

This doesn’t mean you can’t mark the occasion with those to whom your loved one was significant. Whether at home, or somewhere special to you, a gathering on the day of the cremation can offer comfort to those in mourning.

I’ll be at your side to help you shape a service to pay fitting tribute to your loved one.

We will answer your questions, support those speaking and deliver a personal and individual service, honouring the memories you hold dear.

I am a calm presence throughout this difficult journey, someone you can lean on and rely on to make sure your loved one gets the send off you want for them.

“Elspeth. thanks, it’s just beautiful! Thank you for your support, patience and listening to me. You have definitely chosen the right vocation! Your services were so beautifully performed.” MD

“You did really well in a difficult situation, elegantly warm, people appreciated how you handled the service” CB

Useful Links

Notes for Speakers – if you have been asked to speak at a funeral, you might find this useful.

If you’d like to talk to use about supporting you with a funeral service, just get in touch with us by telephone or WhatsApp on 07779 294910, or by email at